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Meet the incredible Little Explorers staff: A team of dedicated, nurturing professionals.

Meet Miss Renee


Renee is both the owner/director and a full-time teacher at Little Explorers, as her passion for teaching keeps her actively involved in the classroom. With over fifteen years of teaching experience, Renee holds an Early Childhood Education degree from Castle College, along with several director and administration course certifications. Treating Little Explorers as an extension of her family, Renee looks forward to many more years at the center.

Meet Miss Lynette

Toddler Teacher

Meet Miss Lynette, the dedicated toddler teacher at Little Explorers Learning Center. With a nurturing spirit and boundless enthusiasm, she creates a safe and engaging environment for your little one's early learning journey. Through play-based activities and hands-on experiences, Miss Lynette sparks curiosity and fosters a love for learning. Join her and the Little Explorers family as we embark on an exciting educational adventure for your precious explorer.

Meet Miss Anita

Pre-Kindegarten Teacher

Step into a world of wonder and endless possibilities as your child enters Miss Anita's pre-kindergarten classroom. With a heart full of passion and a wealth of experience, Miss Anita is dedicated to providing a nurturing and inspiring environment where your little one can thrive. As a devoted pre-kindergarten teacher, Miss Anita understands the crucial role this foundational year plays in your child's development. She blends creativity, curiosity, and structured learning to create a balanced and stimulating curriculum. Through engaging activities, hands-on exploration, and interactive lessons, Miss Anita ignites a love for learning in each child, setting the stage for a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

Meet Miss Emily

Infant /Waddler Teacher 

Miss Emily is a nurturing and dedicated infant and waddler teacher at Little Explorers Learning Center. She has a gentle approach to encouraging the smallest learners to explore the world around them in a safe and supportive environment. Her educational philosophy centers around creating a loving atmosphere filled with laughter and discovery. Miss Emily cherishes the magical moments of infant and toddler learning and is honored to support each child in their unique developmental journey. She believes strongly in building a close partnership with families to ensure a seamless learning experience for every little explorer she has the privilege to teach.

Meet Miss Cailin

Infant /Waddler Teacher

Miss Cailin is a warm and attentive Infant/Waddler Teacher at Little Explorers Learning Center. Her teaching philosophy is rooted in providing a nurturing and joyful setting, where every child can unfold their potential at their own pace. Miss Cailin treasures the delight in the eyes of the infants and toddlers as they make new discoveries, and is committed to making their learning journey a fruitful and enjoyable one. She places a strong emphasis on forming a collaborative relationship with families to ensure a cohesive and enriching learning experience for every young explorer under her care. 

Meet Summer

Preschool Teacher

Miss Summer stands out as a beacon of warmth and creativity in our preschool program. Miss Summer brings a wealth of knowledge and an abundance of enthusiasm to our learning community. Miss Summer believes in fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment where every child feels valued and empowered. Her teaching philosophy centers around play-based learning, encouraging children to explore, imagine, and learn through hands-on experiences. Parents appreciate Miss Summer for her open communication, her ability to connect with each child, and her commitment to creating a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Her colleagues admire her for her collaborative spirit and her dedication to professional development in early childhood education.


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